How Your Business Can Benefit From a Storage Unit

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Organizing a business is vital when it comes to success for the long term. Studies have proven that employees morale can be directly tied to the workplace’s structure, organization, and facility. Providing a workplace that displays professionalism, efficiency, and complies with health and safety code can be a challenge but one with the help of a storage unit can be accomplished. Self storage facilities can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Here are just a few reasons why your business is a storage unit away from increasing productivity and employee morale. 

1. Short Term Storage

Is that old massive printer taking up valuable space in your office? Do you have unused cubicle walls laying around waiting to fall on the next person’s foot? Clutter can take up meaningful space and be hazardous to bystanders and employees. By removing the clutter and renting a storage unit, businesses can free up office space allowing the flow of traffic in the office to improve. Furthermore, a well kept office space can reduce the need for worker compensation claims saving the company money. Storage units are affordable and come in a variety of sizes. When choosing a storage unit, it is vital to know what size and what type of storage you will need. If you have printers and cubicle walls to store that are generally larger items, choose a 10×10 unit similar to the one All About Self Storage provides.

2. Document Storage

Is there anything appealing to an employee about a stack of filing cabinets aligning the walls of an office space? Moreover, a company keeping all sensitive documents out in the open for display to others is dangerous and could lead to trouble. That’s where storage units come in handy. Self storage facilities can provide your company peace of mind by providing your company a clean and secure area for storing those documents. First, storage units can keep sensitive documents secure through the monitored alarm system, gate access, and some facilities have onsite security. Second, storage facilities comparable to All About Self Storage in Omaha deliver clean self storage units that are most of all affordable to rent on a month to month basis. 

3. Inventory Storage

As a restaurant owner and operator, inventory plays a crucial part in running a successful restaurant. Between janitorial supplies, seasonal decorations, non perishable food items, and excess inventory, a restaurant can fill up quickly. Self storage units deliver the owner a best of both worlds scenario. If you’re wishing to store perishable items, climate controlled storage options are available. Moreover, restaurant owners can select storage units that are easy and convenient to access. By selecting a storage unit, restaurant owners keep their patrons happy as well as their servers by freeing up the space. 

Self storage facilities can be advantageous for all businesses big or small. By offering short term storage, document storage, and inventory storage for companies and restaurants, storage facilities provide peace of mind for their owners. The next time your office or restaurant becomes cluttered or the documents begin to stack to high, call All About Storage. We can meet all of your business and commercial storage needs.

Guide to Self Storage Packing Supplies

The secret to a stress-free move into a storage unit is starting prepared with the right packing supplies to protect your belongings and valuables. Access Self Storage has many packing supplies to help you with your move. Here’s a look at some of the supplies you may need, as well as the quantity you should get based on what you’re storing.

Important Packing Supplies

The following are packing supplies you may need for your move into self storage.

Moving BoxesSelf Storage Units Omaha

You will need moving boxes in a variety of sizes. Make sure you get brand-new, sturdy boxes, as used boxes can contaminate your belongings. Used boxes tend to be flimsy and may break as well, and they are usually in odd sizes that make it harder to efficiently pack a storage unit. Boxes that have previously held food may have larvae or other damage.

Bubble Wrap and Shrink Wrap

Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items like vases and televisions. Shrink wrap can be used for mirrors as well as furniture to prevent scuffs. The large commercial rolls can hold small stacks of boxes together, making move in faster and keeping them from getting misplaced in the shuffle.

Packing Paper and Foam Peanuts

Packing paper is made from recycled newspaper to protect surfaces from chips and scratches. You can use the paper to wrap items that will go into boxes. Foam peanuts can also protect items in boxes and prevent shifting that could damage fragile items.  Biodegradable peanuts, made from corn starch, dissolve in water and are a great choice.  Some states only allow this type to be sold.

Mattress Covers

A mattress cover will protect the value of your mattress by keeping out dirt and pests while in storage. If you are concerned about bedbugs, look for that labeling especially.

Furniture Covers

A furniture cover will allow the material in your furniture to breathe to avoid mold or mildew while protecting your furniture from dust and pests.

Specialized Boxes

Specialized boxes like dish packing kits, help you pack many dishes quickly and have extra support for fragile stemware and china. Wardrobe boxes, which allow you to store clothing on a hanger, can save a fortune in later dry cleaning.


Don’t forget the tape! When in doubt, buy more than you think you need. Tape all seams and reinforce the bottoms of boxes that will hold heavy items.


Indelible markers are your best friend in a move.  Label your boxes with as much information about the contents as you can fit on the box – you won’t remember what’s in there.  If you’re storing items for later move, it helps to use a “1 of” numbering system – 1 of 20, 2 of 20 – so you know how many you are looking for and whether you have them all.

What Do You Need?

Not sure how many boxes or rolls of tape you will need? Here’s a guide.

Condo or Apartment

  • 4 very large boxes
  • 4 large boxes
  • 6 medium-sized boxes
  • 6 small boxes
  • 2 rolls of tape
  • 1 large roll of bubble wrap
  • 1 package of packing paper

One Bedroom House

  • 6 very large boxes
  • 6 large boxes
  • 8 medium boxes
  • 10 small boxes
  • 4 rolls of tape
  • 1 large roll of bubble wrap
  • 1 package of packing paper

Two Bedroom Home

  • 10 very large boxes
  • 10 large boxes
  • 12 medium-sized boxes
  • 16 small boxes
  • 6 rolls of tape
  • 2 rolls of bubble wrap
  • 2 packages of packing tape

Three Bedroom Home

  • 16 very large boxes
  • 16 large boxes
  • 18 medium-sized boxes
  • 20 small boxes
  • 6 rolls of tape
  • 2 rolls of bubble wrap
  • 2 packages of packing paper

Good luck!

Top 5 Storage Mistakes

storage units in omaha neAll About Storage has been a leading industry expert many years. As I’m sure you can imagine, we have plenty of dos and don’ts collected from the travails of customers throughout our working history. A poll of our employees has yielded our list of the Top 5 Storage Mistakes NOT to make:

  • Failing to insure your items – as stated in a previous blog, the storage center is not responsible for losses of any kind and does not insure your items. Check with your insurance agent to see if your homeowner or renter’s policy covers items placed in storage. If not, there is low cost insurance available at our storage centers. Insurance on items is a requirement for renting a storage unit. If it’s worth insuring, it’s worth storing!
  • Using newspaper to wrap items – the ink on newspaper can smudge and bleed causing unnecessary work by making the items dirty. You cleaned them before you put the in storage. Why clean them again when they come out? It is also possible that newspaper can damage certain items. Use ink-free wrapping paper which can be purchased at any of our storage centers.
  • Storing food – this may seem as stating the obvious, but it does bear repeating: do NOT store food, of any kind, in any container. It’s simple: food will attract pests.
  • Not having enough time or help – moving is extremely stressful and it can be difficult to keep track of everything. It is essential to make sure you have enough time and help to complete your move. There is nothing worse than having closing time looming and you’re only halfway done. Rushing to pack a storage unit tends to leave things unorganized and could cause damage. And not having enough help could cause damage to your body! Make sure you are lifting correctly! Check with your storage center to see if they offer a move in truck.
  • Not labelling boxes – there is nothing more frustrating than looking for something and having to go through boxes that are not labelled. For your own piece of mind, label the boxes with a number and the general contents. Keep a detailed list for each box. That way, when you are looking for something you simply refer to the list. Our storage centers maintain a supply of boxes and packing materials for purchase.

All About Storage strives to make your experience as stress-free as possible. Avoiding these storage mistakes is one way that helps.

Cold Weather Storage Checklist: Keep Summer Items Safe

If you love warm weather, transitioning into the colder months can be hard. But, storing your summer gear shouldn’t be. Investing in a storage unit is a great way to keep your golf clubs or gardening equipment safe during the winter.

Follow this checklist to easily identify summer items for storage.

Why Should You Store Your Summer Items?

Your summer items are no match for cold weather. Sun chairs can clutter your patio, inflatable pool toys can pop, and garden tools can rust. Before your home becomes cluttered with seasonal items, consider investing in a storage unit

Storage units are a great way to organize your seasonal items and prevent them from piling up in your garage, backyard or basement.  Self-storage units provide a variety of benefits including:


What Seasonal Items Should I Store?

Maybe you already have a storage unit, but you’re wondering what to store. Follow this checklist to ensure you don’t leave anything out in the cold this season:


Air conditioning window units
Beach chairs
Camping equipment
Gardening tools 
Kayaks and canoes
Leaf blowers
Patio furniture
Pool equipment
Pool toys 
Summer clothes

Summer sports equipment


Are you looking to store summer items during the winter months? Visit our Nebraska Storage Facilities page to check out our three locations. We offer flexible storing options with no long-term contracts. Call one of our storage experts today!